Saturday, 15 June 2013

These People Look Alike (1)

Almost Identical Twins (Part I)

Perhaps I'm crazy I really think these people might be twins. Another pointless but fun list for me to do.

I've compiled a collection of the most fascinating pairs of twins ever to exit a vagina. From actors, athletes, politicians, rock stars, she-men and hermaphrodites to classical-music composers, serial-killers, Nazi fuckers, Commie bastards, and TV-reality stars: they're all here coz they all have twins. 
If you'd already taken a look at my other lists and texts, you will know that this one too was built on integrity. (Never trust anyone who taps themselves on the shoulder (except me, of course)!) What I am saying is that I never steal from others, even though the premise of this list is far from new.

However, because I detest simply repeating what others had already done, I've tried to avoid including pairs that had already been mentioned on similar lists elsewhere on the internet. In fact, I was about to place the identical-twin pairing of Jesse Eisenberg/Michael Cera but changed my mind as soon as I realized that others had already thought of it before.

Also, I made it a point not to look at any such lists while preparing to do my own, because I don't even want to know if any of my ideas had already been done. I'd rather lie to myself that all the pairs here are 100% without exception fresh and new.

In other words, any similarities with any other such lists is totally coincidental - and would be a little annoying, to be frank. Still, I believe that a large chunk of this pointless, silly list is original. If not original in concept then certainly in content.

 Linda Tripp & 
Meryl Streep

Justin(e) Bieber & 
moron from Juno

         Igor Stravinsky & 
Killer in De Palma's Sisters (William Finley)

Colm Meaney & 
Susan Boyle

Jim Courier & 
Jimmy Sommerville

James Cromwell & 
Russell Brice (Everest: Beyond The Limit)

Sereno "Mike Tyson" Williams & 
Devyn Simone (The Real World Brooklyn)

Edvard Grieg & 
Albert Einstein

Beth Ditto & 

Andre Agassi &  
Irina Khromacheva

Malcolm X & 
Aaron Wheeler (Black Gold)

Farin Urlaub & 
Jonas Svensson

Kelly McGillis &  
Pia Rizzo (Mob Wives Chicago)

Jesse Jackson & 
Billy Joel

Sergei Prokofiev & 
Dick Cheney

Glenn "Fatal Non-Attraction" Close & 
Richard Harris

Tilda "I Look Like Darth Vader's Boss" Swinton & 
Peter "Am I Really As Ugly As Tilda" Cushing

Hermann Goering &  
Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne

James "So Glad She's Not My Daughter" Gandolfini & 
Magui Serna

Kevin "Herma" Zegers & 
Jonathan "Phrodite" Jackson

Geddy "Squeaky Voice" Lee (Rush) & 
Jackie Wright (The Benny Hill Show)

Pete Sampras &  
Judd "Liberal Tard" Winick (The Real World San Francisco)

Shakira & 
Adolf Hitler

Adrien Brody & 
Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction)

Crosby Leveen (Deadliest Catch) & 
Marat Safin

DJ Bobo & 
Aravane "I Suck Up To Iranian Dictators" Rezai

Voivod & 
Darth "Lucas Wanted Leo Di Crapio To Play Me" Vader

Yannick Noah & 
Al Jarreau

Mesut Özil & 
Michael Berryman

Sergei "Commie Propaganda" Eisenstein & 
Jack Nance (Eraserhead)

More twins to be found in Parts II & III:

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